* Document your plugin


Writing documentation for your code can be a tedious task. Additionally, coming up with a solution that makes it easy to write and maintain documentation that is useful and looks good at the same time can be hard.

With jHERE I wanted a tool that would allow me to write inline documentation as I was coding the plugin and render it as a web page well integrated into the jHERE website.

I found Docco, and I have to say that I really like it. With Docco I document the jHERE API in Markdown format, and that documentation gets automatically pulled in as a HTML page when I deploy a new release of jhere.net.

If, once again, you have a look at miniHERE, the very last step and the doc target in the Makefile show how from some inline, markdown-formatted documentation it is super simple to generate a nice website with all the user friendly documentation for your code.